Who are we?                                       

Meet the team at Pulse Sound & Lighting:


Although just 23, Tommy has over 7 years professional experience in sound. With a Diploma in Music Technology and a degree in Creative Music Production, his education has taken him to work with a variety of engineers  in many studios. Tommy has recently won a mixing competition organised by mixing console giants, SSL.

Tommy Moore - Studio Engineer/Studio Manager

Paul is the founder and creator of Pulse Sound & Lighting. With close to 30 years experience in live sound and his work taking him all over the UK and Scandinavia, Paul knows pretty much all there is to know about delivering a great live sound event. 

Paul Pickering - Director and Sound Engineer
Tom Pickering -  Visual Engineer - 

Tom P is  just starting out with pulse. He has been to numerous events and is hoping to go to university to study video engineering!

Jess is the resident Poochy here at Pulse Sound & Lighting, who regularly proves she is the true brains behind the operation. Paul's loyal companion, Jess accompanies the team to most events and festivals and has the unique talent of smelling a burger van from 4 miles away.

Jess-AKA Rock Dog